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My solutions for you

I can help you to achieve higher grades, spend less time studying, have more productive study sessions and better retain your study matter by offering:

1. An online workshop that helps you to understand how to study perfectly. In short videos, I explain in a clear but light-hearted way how to forget less by going back over what you have revised in a timely manner, stop procrastinating, read only the most important parts of the study matter, take smart notes, make mind maps, maintain concentration, draw up an organized and achievable time planning system and much more. Learn more in this video.

2. The study tool makes you practice the strategies for studying effectively. Inside the system, you can make flashcards, notes and mind maps on all the types of study material you want. The tool plans your reviews to make you forget less and it schedules your breaks to make sure you remain focused. It also measures your concentration and notifies you when you lose it. You can study together with friends and classmates, or study alone. Learn more in this video.

3. Over 380.000 revisable summaries of the platform are made by other students who made flashcards and notes on study materials. You can edit them, practice them, or print a fill summary (in PDF). Learn more in this video.

4. The e-book explains everything you need to know about effective studying. Reading techniques, note-taking techniques, reviewing techniques and much more is explained in this straightforward e-book. Learn more in this video.

5. Premium support. Our goal is to help you be successful in your studies. That’s why we offer premium support via our study coaches. You can call or text them via WhatsApp, or send them an email. They provide support on the study methodology we train you on in the workshop only. They can’t help you with your content.

Oxford Promotes Study Smart With Chris

Oxford University, a top 3 university in the world, promotes Study Smart With Chris to their students. They advise them to use the study tool, the techniques and methods that come in your Study Smart Package.


100% up to speed in 5 minutes or less

Are your exams around the corner and you’re worried that adopting this study tool will take a lot of time? Don’t worry. You can fully incorporate your own methods in the study tool. Take long and short notes, make flashcards and draw mindmaps as you are used to doing. You will enjoy the immediate benefit of reviewing tools/planning, more structured learning, concentration monitoring and the tips and tricks on doing everything better and faster. Also, almost 400.000 summaries are waiting for you. So nothing will change, but everything will get better.

The tip of the iceberg of what you will learn and do

You will study less
You will study way faster
You will forget a lot less

Students spend 2000 to 5000 hours of their lives studying. Unfortunately, practically nobody invests time in learning HOW to study. This leads to a severe waste of talent, time and bright futures.

Study Smart with Chris Experiences

I aced all the courses I studies with Study Smart. For law, I first scored a 5 and now an 8! I’m 100% sure that I’ll pass all the courses I study with Study Smart.

Miloe (24 - student B&O)

Being able to create my materials online made the process of studying so much smoother and quicker. I no longer have to spend a huge amount of my time on creating my summaries.

Regan (24 - student Law)

I was struggling to finish all my first-year subjects for 3 years. Then I discovered Study Smart, which helped me to finish all of them within 3 months. Thanks a lot!

Bob (20 - student Commercial Economics)

I am very satisfied with the platform, it works perfectly for me. Before used the study tool I had a lot of stress with learning. I never got grades above 6.5. The first grade I got for my exam after studying with the system was an 8.9. Since then, all my grades have been above 7.

Frenky (21 - student Geology)

I failed all my tests which I didn’t study with Study Smart. Then I studied with Study Smart and passed them all.

Peter (25 - student )

First, my notes were a mess. Now I use Study Smart to take my notes in a perfectly structured way. It helps me to save a lot of time and do things I like besides my studies.

Wouter (21 - student Psychology)

I finally feel totally confident about the way I learn. I have the perfect overview and make great progress in terms of speed and the grates I get. Thanks, Chris!

Babette (19 - Student Marketing)

I always thought I studied well. My grades were fine. I could never have imagined that applying these study skills would have such a huge and direct impact on my grades, my speed and the pleasure I have in learning.

Nina (19, student Communication)

The largest effect is that my child is more enthusiastic about school! Every parent wants their children to be happy at school, Study Smarts made it happen.

Marije (Parent)

Students that study with Study Smart got better grades. The system applies all the learning methods in such a way, that both well-performing students as well as students who struggle perform much better.

Janneke T. (Teacher)

I immediately started to enjoy learning again, and my grades soared. But the impact was bigger: I learned to work and think in a structured way which changed the way I handled jobs, sports, hobbies etc. All of a sudden, everything went better. I highly recommend Study Smart to all students..

Kurt (22, Industrial Engineering)

After 25 years, I restarted my education. That didn’t start so smoothly. Chris’ energy, methods, and insight gave me the tools to succeed. I’m now performing better than expected. I now truly understand how to study and I have pleasure doing so. Thanks a lot!

Sandra (51, Student Nutritions and Dietetics)

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Study Tool (worth € 19,95 / month)

+350.000 Summaries (worth a few € each)

Premium Support from Study Coaches (worth € 59/h)

e-Book on effective studying (worth € 19,95 )

Video workshop effective studying (worth € 99,99 )

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We helped 200.000 students around the world

College students

By far the majority of my students are college/university students who want to learn how to study, improve their efficiency, and of course their results.

High School

High school students around the world use this platform to prepare for their academic success.

Primary School

Children in their last phase of primary school use the platform to make school more stimulating.

I offer this package at such an affordable price because I want EVERYBODY to be able to benefit from the tools and knowledge within. I know what it feels like to struggle at school, to sweat each time you get your test results back, to see the disappointed faces of teachers and parents, to lose all your confidence in yourself and in your future.

Are you still finding it expensive? Failing one year in college/university easily costs you € 12,000 (living/education costs). Failing and starting to earn a real salary a year later easily costs you € 25,000. One hour of proper tutoring could cost you as much as € 59,95. Two beers or proper coffees could cost you € 8,95. The knowledge, inspiration, guidance, and toolkits this platform offers will be earned back instantly. I hope you are willing to invest at least €8,95 in your personal development and academic results. But should you genuinely decide the package does not offer the value for money you were expecting, please let me know within 14 days after you register and I’ll refund you 100%.

There are several reasons:

You could download all the summaries in one go without paying

You could view the entire video workshop without paying

You could read the whole eBook without paying

“But I could just sign up for € 8,95 and then request a refund”, I hear you say.

Yes, that’s true. If you choose to. I just want to help people. If you want to play this game, all good.

Via all the usual methods: iDeal, Paypal, credit card, Sepa direct debit (IBAN)

You can cancel your account anytime, with 1 click via your account settings. No questions asked. No termination period. No hassle at all.

For a demo and more information, click here.

Yes you can. Once you signed up you’ll be given 3 payment option:

A monthly subscription of € 8,95 per month, cancel monthly

A yearly subscription of € 59,95 per year (44% discount), cancel yearly

A lifetime subscription of € 149,95, pay once and use it for the rest of your life.

You have 14 days 100% money back guarantee with all 3 plans.

I want to help A LOT of people. That’s why I made it so accessible. No one should be left out.

Just contact us via the support button on the page and we will get it done. Please include the email address you registered with and the payment method you are using.

Simple: just signup for the monthly plan and downgrade immediately. You then have 1-month access to the whole platform which gives you enough time to find your summary and explore the platform.

Why I created this platform. My story.

As a child, I used to be every teacher’s nightmare. I couldn’t learn, read, write, sit still or do anything that was expected of me. My parents were devastated to see me left behind at school. Supported by dozens of private tutors, after-school teachers, therapists, and coaches I managed to finish high school. The costs were high: I had low self-esteem, no free time to spend on playing and sport and of course it cost a lot of money. As an obvious next step, I went to university. It was a disaster. In my first year, I managed to get 10 ECTS, out of the 60 yearly expected ECTS. In my second year, I managed to add another 20. I now had a year-and-a-half’s delay. The final help I got was from a study coach who eventually, at the age of 21, taught me how to study. After a few hours of coaching and teaching, I finally understood how to read, plan, take notes, maintain my concentration, stop procrastinating, etc. In my third year in university I got 90 ECTS and the next year I finished my bachelor’s degree. Everyone was surprised, including me. How was it possible that no one teaches this to children and students? And even if they did, why are there no great tools that you can use to make life SO MUCH simpler? My life’s mission started.

I’m proud to say that I have helped and trained over 200,000 students over the last 9 years. My mission is to help millions.

Chris on television

Why join this programme and not a different one?

No person in the world wants to help you and other students more than I do, because I know the pain of struggling with education. No other platform in the world combines a digital workshop with a great practical toolkit. And no programme in the world brings together in one place all the best strategies: comprehensive reading guidance, flashcards, mind maps, review planning, review toolkits, break planning, concentration monitoring, note-sharing etc etc etc…

A few pertinent questions

Absolutely. Even the brightest students in the world can use this tool to study in a more structured way, save time, achieve higher grades and optimize their study session. Everyone has something to learn and everyone can make improvements.

Absolutely. I have over 50,000 high school students whom I help and support. The study method and the tools can be fully applied to high school learners. Even primary school students can use this platform. Please see this movie (in Dutch): < href: />

– More efficient studying

– Better grades

– Fulfilling study sessions

– Reaching your full potential

– Not knowing how to study

– Feeling unproductive

– Forgetting what you studied

– Losing overview and structure

– Missing the bigger picture

– Students who want to do well

– Students who have trouble studying efficiently

– Students who have to internalise large volumes of textual information and classroom information

– Students who have to revise for tests and exams

Once you start working with flashcards, mindmaps, comprehensive reading etc you will have to adapt to the new way of studying. This may take a few hours, but could also take a few days. So yes, in the beginning, you might turn fewer pages than you used to do, but you are studying A LOT more effectively than you used to do, and you are learning how to study, which is worth investing some time in initially.

– Students who don’t have tests and exams on textual information or classroom materials – Students who only have to write essays – Students who only have practical/technical exams and assignments

– You are willing to learn how to learn

– You are motivated to study

– You are willing to review your current study methodology

– You are willing to invest in your own personal development

– A quick fix for laziness

The workshop consists of around 40 short videos (2-10 minutes), categorized by problem area. You can view them at your own pace, and in your own order. Start by viewing the videos most relevant to your needs.

Just a few reasons to join:

  • Get a better degree faster: earn more money sooner!
  • Be proud of the degree that will lead to a good job.
  • Enjoy the best study sessions you ever had.
  • Make your parents, teachers and school proud!
  • Avoid investing unnecessary time and cost.
  • Avoid the negative cycles your ineffective study habits could lead you into.
  • Money Back Guarantee

    100% money back guarantee

    Not fully satified with your subscription? Let me know within 14 days and I’ll refund you 100%, no questions asked.

    Get started now

    Study Tool (worth € 19,95 / month)

    +350.000 Summaries (worth a few € each)

    Premium Support from Study Coaches (worth € 59/h)

    e-Book on effective studying (worth € 19,95 )

    Video workshop effective studying (worth € 99,99 )

    Access this full package of products

    Temporarily just € 8,95 per month

    Cancel monthly Cancel with 1 click via you account settings. No questions asked. No termination period. No hassle at all.  

    14 days 100% money back guarantee Just send en email to or leave a comment when you downgrade saying you want your money back and we'll get is done within 1 or 2 days. No hard feelings!  

    Pay with iDeal, Paypal, Creditcard or Sepa direct debit